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Welcome to the AHAthat!


AHAthat makes is easy to SHARE, AUTHOR & PROMOTE "you". As the first AHAleadership (Thought Leadership) platform on the market, it allows you to 1) Easily build your brand by sharing others' quotes with proper attribution and 2) Show your expertise by creating your book in 8 hours or less and having others share your AHAmessages.

There are over 36k AHAmessages from recognized AHAleaders that you can share in seconds for free. All content on the platform is curated by THiNKaha which has published over 800 physical and eBooks.

If there's a feature/function that you'd like to see in AHAthat, please email or reach out to us.


AHAthat is a tool created and maintained by THiNKaha, Inc., who has published over 800 physical books and eBooks, and provides thought leadership consulting services to Fortune 500 organizations.

20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210
Cupertino, CA 95014 USA
Phone: 1-408-257-3000

Mitchell Levy, The AHA Guy at AHAthat and Thought Leader Architect & CEO, THiNKaha

Jenilee Maniti, Production Manager, AHAthat

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