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AHAkeys™ for Sharing AHAbooks™

AHAkeys™ for Sharing AHAbooks™

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AHAkeys is functionality that tens of thousands of users have asked for and we’re happy to make available.

This is amazing functionality that will allow you to schedule not just a single quote, but an entire AHAbook of good compelling content to your twitter stream!

How is works: It’s simple. You assign a twitter stream and choose the days of the week and times you want the AHAmessages shared. You can also buy additional AHAkeys to give to your fans so they can share the AHAbook as well. Imagine the reach you will have not just once, but for months.



Pay to share buy one Universal AhaKey Normally $80

Buy 10 Universal AhaKeys at $64/Ahakey (20% discount)

Buy 100 Universal AhaKeys at $40/Ahakey (50% discount)

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