Carly Alyssa Thorne



Carly Alyssa Thorne


I am all about Multi-Sensory, Multi-Media and The Mind-Body-Business-Spirit interconnection.

I love co-authoring as it is part of the core of who I am in living out the values of collaboration and co-creation. I therefore, have done a few collaborations with some of my passions.
I have three main passions when it comes to writing:

***The Art of Social WE Media:
Social Media is a powerful tool for connecting with others, creating exposure for yourself and your business and it allows people to find out who we are, what are our passions, values etc… The “SOCIAL” in social media means “WE” I therefore, also write about the importance of the “WE” – collaborating with others etc…

***The Art of Conscious Business Collaborations:
We Leadership, communication, collaboration and connections.

***The Art of We Are All Interconnected:
I, therefore; love taking pictures of mother nature, flowers, trees, architecture etc… and writing picture quote books using my images and quotes.


Books that expand your Mind-Body-Business-Spirit on topics like: 

Social We Media, Marketing, We Leadership, Consious Business, Communication, Parenting, Health and more...

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