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Judith Briles is an advocate for authors and writers and is known as The Book Shepherd. Delivering practical authoring and publishing information and guidance, she has authored 32 books, won multiple book awards and is the Founder of AuthorU.org, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the author who wants to be seriously successful. Her next book project is The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors & Writers.

Connect with her on Twitter @MyBookShepherd and dive into discussions on the LinkedIn group Author U where 9,100 plus authors hangout. Over 200,000 authors and writers download the podcasts each month from her radio show, AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing.

www.TheBookShepherd.com | www.AuthorU.org

Is there a book in you? Or another? Or does your book need a makeover? Author U will show you how to create, develop and publish your book without being hoodwinked. If you already have a book out, you will find a supportive and brain-storming community that is connected and creative.

AhaBooks included in this AhaLibrary are relevant to AuthorU's members and community.


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