A Few Reasons to Start Writing Today



Author of the book “Go Ahead, Start a Movement” speaks about creating a book in 4 weeks 2 days and making it an Amazom Bestseller.

Author of the book “Getting Booked as an Empowerment Speaker” speaks about writing a book in a weekend and what a great experience it was.


Existing Authors on Why Write an AHAbook



AHAthat Authoring Overview

Special AHAbook Programs

AHAbook Silver Authoring Accountability Program –

For $150/month we will work with you to ensure that you publish 4 AHAbooks a year. Think about how that will help your perceived expertise in the marketplace.

AHAthat Scholarship Program –

As a student or teacher, you can qualify for a full-scholarship to publish an AHAbook.



Or Try Out the AHAthat as a Guest!

Try Out the AHAthat as a Guest!