Become An Affiliate

We wanted to make it clear how you can share the membership site so you can get paid as an affiliate.

After signing up at this URL, you will be assigned an affiliate ID. Mitchell Levy’s ID is “1007”.

To share the membership site and assign it to Mitchell’s account, you would share this URL:

To get the affiliate commission yourself, please replace with “1007” with your affiliate number.

If you’re sharing this URL in email, it might be ok, although it’s a cumbersome URL to share verbally.

We recommend creating a short URL that is easier to remember and share verbally, in email or in text. Here are the 4 easy steps:

  • Go to
  • Paste the longer url in the big line
  • Paste the custom url you want where it says custom url
  • Click on the button “Tiny!”.

In the example above, if you wanted to share your name and it was John Brown, the short URL created would be

Hopefully, this will get you on your path to success.