Be Seen as The Expert (Gold)

Be seen as the expert, open doors, and close business by having us write your book after a two-hour interview!

For $9,497, we will:

  • Interview you in a two-hour session.
  • Content edit and copy edit your book.
  • Design the book cover in multiple formats.
  • Ensure you have compelling content to share on social media.
  • Provide one to two quarters of social media content for your business.
  • Publish your book on the AHAthat platform.
  • Make your content available to our rapidly expanding user base.
  • List you on AHAthat as a published author.
  • Format your book in PDF and EPub formats.
  • Publish your book on Amazon Kindle platform.
  • Create a PDF for list-building purposes.
  • Design your book jacket.
  • Publish paperback and hardcover books.
  • Distribute your books in the book channel.
  • Send you 100 paperback and 25 hardcover copies.
  • In addition, you will:
  • We help you become an Amazon Bestseller.
  • Receive an AHAblaster key ($50 list) to automatically share your entire book on Twitter.
  • Receive a robust set of book marketing strategies.
  • You own the copyright.
  • You get a quarterly P&L and receive 51% of profit from sales.

Bonus: $450 Marketing Package

  • Two personalized videos for your book. ($100 value)
  • Five Pinterest images you can share. ($200 value)
  • We create and distribute a press release. ($150 value)

Don’t miss this chance and let’s get your book done today!

Only $9,497!

Or 3 Payments of $3,215


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