Amazon Bestseller Campaign



Amazon bestseller campaign is a coordinated book launch where you get as many people as you can to download or purchase your book within the shortest period of time.

For $2,995*, we will:

  • Make you an Amazon bestselling author (in many cases an Amazon #1 international bestselling author).
  • Setup a universal multi-country Amazon link.
  • Give you swipe copy to share with your audience.
  • Let Facebook and LinkedIn groups know about your book campaign.
  • Send an email to our leads (11k) announcing the free Kindle offer.
  • Write and publish a press release and let key influencers know to share your book.

Don’t miss this chance and let’s make your book an Amazon Bestseller today!

Only $2,995!

*If we fail to make you an Amazon bestseller (never happened yet), we will try again in 15-30 days, and if we miss the second time, we will refund you 75%.

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Mitchell's book has reached #1 in 45 Categories in 4 Countries


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