Podcast to Book

Podcast to Book

We are currently offering  a service for podcasters to create a THiNKaha book based on past episodes.

You just need to share 8 episodes you’d like us to incorporate in your book and we’ll create a paperback, eBook, and AHAthat version of a book for you.

 It’s simple. It’s powerful.

The book is the tool to drive more awareness and give more credibility to you and your podcast.

For $6,500, we will:

Pull out content from
your selected podcasts and
deliver 25 paperback books.

Add links back to the episodes of your podcast.

List your guests as contributors of each section.

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If you’re interested in hardcover and audio versions of your book, we can do that as well.

Audiobook Upgrade – $997

Processing ...

Hardcover Upgrade – $747

Processing ...
Processing ...

NOTE: Each step along the way we work with you to get approval of content, look and feel of the book prior to going to publishing.

Here is the first book we published under the Podcaster Series.

Click here to see the PDF version of it.

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Mitchell Levy.