Pricing for Promoting Content

Use an AHAkey to unlock the ability to automatically schedule the sharing of an entire AHAbook!

  • Auto Renew Key (Akey)


    Auto-Renewal (Akey) -- The Akey is a subscription services that allows you to blast up to 3 AHAbooks a month. It provides a significant discount to buying individual Ukeys or Bkeys.


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  • Universal Key (Ukey)


    Universal (Ukey) -- The Ukey allows you to automatically share any AHAbook in our library. Please take advantage of our discounts by purchasing in bulk.

  • Specific AHAbook Key (Bkey)


    Specific AHAbook Key (Bkey) -- The Bkey can be used to automatically share a specific AHAbook. Search for an AHAbook you want to blast, then pick up the key to share that individual book.

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  • Freemium Key (Fkey)


    Freemium (Fkey) -- The Fkey can be used for free to automatically share any AHAbook. Click on the Generate button to generate your unique AHAkey. By sharing this key, you cannot change the hashtag associated with the AHAmessage shared and there will be commercial messages added to your queue.

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Pricing for Authoring Content